Getting Started with Unity

Getting Started with Unity

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ISBN Number: 978-1849695848
Author: Patrick Felicia
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Date Published: August 2013
Number of Pages: 152
Book Format: Paperback and Kindle

What else could be better than making your first Unity3D game a zombie infested survival horror? That’s exactly what Patrick Felicia teaches in this Unity3D book ‘Getting Started With Unity’ published by Packt.

The start of the book is very beginner friendly, it begins by explaining the user interface and how Unity 3D works before creating objects that will become part of the level design. As you progress through the book, every chapter is designed to become more advanced while working towards a complete game.

Between chapters 3 and 5 is where the majority of the game gets get implemented. For first time programmers, you will be using JavaScript to create a lot of the functionality in the game.  The book does a good job of explaining what the code does without going into too much depth. This is perfectly suitable for the new users of Unity3D as further information can be found in the Unity Scripting Manual.

By the time you reach the final chapter of the book you will have a game that just needs optimising and the last finishing touches. 30 minutes later and you will have a polished version that can be deployed on PC, Mac and the Web.


While the book is relatively short at only 150 pages, A LOT of the features that Unity3D has to offer are included within the chapters. Below is a small list of game features that are taught in the book:

  • Design a level in Unity3D and texture the models
  • Learn how to create pickups and a basic inventory system
  • Add a shooting gun – including ammo restrictions, bullet sounds and bullet sparks.
  • Display a mini-map, health bar and main-menu
  • Create an enemy zombie character that has animations (using the new Mecanim technique) and artificial intelligence.

EDIT: I am uploading a YouTube video that will show a full run through of the game, this will be uploaded in the near future.

 Patrick Felicia Getting Started with Unity - Unity3D Book


Now that I have discussed the main features of the book, there are a few points that I feel need mentioning:

  • The book refers to assets/code several times. I would recommend you to use Packt’s Support Download area to get the latest code and errata.
  • Please read the instructions over several times over, it is easy to skip a point when there are a lot steps to complete.
  • While coding, do not put any code on a new line unless it needs ending (usually with a semi-colon). The eBook format it isn’t always clear so be sure to check the code.
  •  If you’re a first time coder, do not try to understand every line of code. Read the explanation available and realise that all new coders need the Scripting Manual or Google until they become more advanced with Unity JavaScript.


Final Comments:

To end this review, I highly recommend this book to anyone who wishes to learn Unity3D. It covers the latest Unity3D features while implementing a fantastic, fully functioning and interesting game.

Even for the intermediate users, the AI chapter alone makes it well worth reading to introduce intelligent enemies into a game. Not many Unity3D books that have been released have any AI content.


If you are interested in purchasing ‘Getting Started with Unity’, you can click my ‘Amazon Link’, which provides me with a little commission (thank you).

Alternatively you can buy the book directly from ‘Packt Publishing’.



Have you read Getting Started With Unity? Let me know your views in the comment section below.

If you are working through the book and experience any difficulties, leave a comment describing the problem and I will do my best to help you.


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